Food Menu

Soups & Greens

  1. Mulligatawny soup (v)

    AED 44

    Peppercorn spiced lentil and coconut soup flavored with curry leaves

  2. Mulligatawny soup Chicken

    AED 49

    Peppercorn spiced lentil and coconut soup flavored with curry leaves

  3. Indian Spiced Chickpea Soup

    AED 44

    Black chickpea broth with rich flavour of garam masala and turmeric

  4. Mushroom Cappunico

    AED 46

    Creamy mushroom soup drizzled with truffle oil

  5. Roasted Tomato and Coriander Soup

    AED 44

    Garnished with clotted cream and saffron spaghetti

  6. Avasa Chicken Tikka Salad

    AED 49

    Seasoned with lemon, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, extra virgin olive oil and pine nuts

  7. Arabic Salad

    AED 42

    Assorted seasonal greens tossed in chef’s special dressing

  8. Mango Mustard Salad

    AED 49

    Ripened mangoes with mustard seeds and curry leaves

  9. Organic Quinoa and Avocado Salad

    AED 52

    Diced avocado, walnuts and olives, lemon and olive oil dressing

  10. Baby Beetroot and Orange with Feta

    AED 42

    Tossed in olive oil


  1. Punjabi Chicken Tikka

    AED 58

    Tender morsels of chicken marinated in a north-Indian spiced dry rub, accompanied with smoked red bell pepper chutney

  2. Murgh Chuski

    AED 58

    Chef’s special, minced chicken lollypops, served with a sweetened cumin yoghurt dip

  3. Murgh Ke Paarchey

    AED 60

    Char grilled chicken tikka smeared with a garlic cheese yoghurt, served with a fenugreek cheese fondue

  4. Fish Kori Kempu

    AED 63

    Crispy fried fish, accompanied with a pachdi

  5. Sarson Ajwaini Macchi

    AED 65

    Fresh local catch, seasoned with mustard, caraway seeds, yoghurt and cheese, grilled on charcoal

  6. Salmon Tikka

    AED 79

    Chunks of salmon in three styles; pan seared with curry leaves, char-grilled with chilli yoghurt and saffron honey marinade

  7. Sunehri Jheenga

    AED 79

    Tiger prawns marinated with saffron and yoghurt

  8. Mutton Seekh Kebab

    AED 69

    Minced lamb kabab, moulded on skewers, seasoned with smoked herbs, dry roasted masala, grilled over glowing ambers

  9. Lucknowi Lamb Boti

    AED 69

    Prime meat tenderly marinated with home-made spices and grilled on charcoal

  10. Hasrat-E-Hussen

    AED 58

    Tandoori baked cottage cheese marinated in spicy yoghurt, stuffed with khoya and nuts

  11. Bharwan Mutter aur Bhutte Ke Kabab

    AED 53

    Green peas and corn patty stuffed with cheese, shallow fried, topped with smoked garlic chilli yoghurt

  12. Duo of Chaat

    AED 42

    Chef’s special assortment of chaat

  13. Khurmani Aloo Tikki Chaat

    AED 53

    Potato and apricot patties, cumin yoghurt, apricot compote and homemade relish

  14. Bhawani Aloo Papdi Tikki

    AED 49

    Corn flakes crusted potato patties stuffed with green peas

  15. Samosa

    AED 34

    Variety of filling, golden fried, house chutney

  16. Vegetable Gandheri Kabab

    AED 60

    Broccoli and green peas kabab on sugarcane sticks

Tandoor _ Flat Kabab _ Sigri

  1. Daura-E-Tafreeh

    AED 92

    Char grilled tiger prawns marinated in a citric blend of lemon juice and cardamom

  2. Tandoori Lobster

    AED 175

    Whole succulent lobster marinated overnight in chef’s special spices, charcoal grilled. A must try for seafood lovers

  3. Chandi Kaliyan

    AED 72

    Chicken tikka flavored with cardamom, garnished with edible silver leaf

  4. Bun Kabab

    AED 75

    Indian sliders filled with saffron flavored lamb patty and chunks, served with homemade mint mayonnaise

  5. Raan-E-Avasa

    AED 111

    Braised boneless leg of young lamb slow cooked in tandoor, served with baby naan

  6. Bhatti Ka Murgh - Half

    AED 65

    Tandoori chicken marinated overnight with exotic spices of the region and cooked on a charcoal grill

  7. Bhatti Ka Murgh - Whole

    AED 105

    Tandoori chicken marinated overnight with exotic spices of the region and cooked on a charcoal grill

  8. Organic Quinoa Seek Kabab

    AED 69

    Light and healthy kabab made with a blend of quinoa and olive, cooked in a clay oven

  9. Avasa Kabab Platter - Veg

    AED 101

    An irresistible assortment of appetizers

  10. Avasa Kabab Platter - Non Veg

    AED 149

    An irresistible assortment of appetizers

Curries _ Gravies _ Mains

  1. Alleppey Fish Curry

    AED 84

    Kerala style fish curry with green mango, coconut and green chilli

  2. Pondicherry Prawn Curry

    AED 98

    Mildly spiced curry with orange and raw mango, fresh coconut milk and curry leaves

  3. Pondicherry Fish Curry

    AED 84

    Mildly spiced curry with orange and raw mango, fresh coconut milk and curry leaves

  4. Goan Prawn Curry

    AED 98

    A spicy curry from Goa, flavored with coconut

  5. Kadhai Tossed Lobster

    AED 179

    Chunks of lobster cooked with onion, tomato and roasted coriander seeds

  6. Duck Mussallam

    AED 111

    Confit of duck cooked on slow fire with a tomato based rich gravy served with minty potato

  7. Murgh Lababdar

    AED 79

    Chicken tikka, slow cooked in a rich tomato gravy

  8. Butter Chicken

    AED 79

    Char grilled chicken, tomato-creamed finish with fenugreek and butter

  9. Murgh Methi Malai

    AED 79

    Chicken cooked with fresh fenugreek leaves, cream and spices

  10. Martaban Ki Nalli

    AED 98

    Lamb shanks and chunks cooked with gongura pickled gravy

  11. Dhaba Gosht

    AED 98

    Spicy street style lamb curry

  12. Uppu Kari

    AED 98

    Dry lamb preparation with Chettinad spices

  13. Anjeer Kofta Curry

    AED 69

    Paneer dumplings stuffed with figs, served in a slightly sweet, absolutely non spicy rich gravy

  14. Palak Shahjade

    AED 69

    Garlic and cumin tempered spinach with baby corn and corn kernels

  15. Paneer Spring Onion Masala

    AED 69

    Cottage cheese and spring onion stewed with cashew and coconut milk

  16. Sabz Nimona

    AED 69

    Assorted tossed seasonal vegetables, with brown onion rice

  17. Paneer Sirka Pyaaz

    AED 69

    A delicate combination of paneer with pickled onions

  18. Singhara Palak Chilgoza

    AED 69

    Water chestnut, garlic spinach, Nevada pine nuts, tomato cream and saffron rice, layered

  19. Chettinad Aloo

    AED 49

    Baby potatoes tossed with curry leaves and mustard seeds

  20. Chippy Wale Channe

    AED 58

    Garbanzo beans tossed in a light and mild gravy

  21. Dal-E-Avasa

    AED 58

    Chef’s special overnight simmered black lentil, finished with churned butter and cream

  22. Dal Methi

    AED 49

    Yellow lentils tempered with fresh fenugreek, tomato and garlic

Rice _ Dum Ki Biryanis

  1. Chicken Biryani

    AED 89

  2. Mutton Biryani

    AED 94

  3. Prawns Biryani

    AED 102

  4. Veg Biryani

    AED 79

  5. Saffron Rice

    AED 35

  6. Jeera Pea Pulao

    AED 30

  7. Steamed Basmati Rice

    AED 24


  1. Kulcha

    AED 20

    Mutton Keema (Tandoor), Jalapeno & Mozzarella (flat top), Onion/Potato/Paneer (Tandoor)

  2. White Wine Naan

    AED 20

  3. Afghani Naan

    AED 20

  4. Naan

    AED 15

    Plain, Butter, Garlic, Coriander, Garlic & Onion

  5. Tandoori Roti

    AED 15

    Plain, Butter, Paprika, Garlic

  6. Paratha

    AED 15

    Laccha, Pudina, Methi


  1. Smoked Chili

    AED 15

  2. Mint & Pomegranate

    AED 15

  3. Vegetable Raita

    AED 15

  4. Cucumber

    AED 15

  5. Burhani Raita (with roasted garlic)

    AED 15

  6. Plain Yoghurt

    AED 15


  1. Saffron Rasmalia

    AED 42

    Our version of cottage cheese dumplings poached in saffron milk

  2. Gulab Jamun

    AED 32

    Sweetened condensed milk dumplings, stuffed with nuts soaked in rose flavored water

  3. Matka Kulfi

    AED 38

    Assortment of Indian ice creams, served in Matka, Fruit caviar pearls

  4. Banoffi Pie

    AED 42

    A chef’s special dessert with biscuits, condensed milk and banana flavored pie

  5. Hit Me Chocolate

    AED 46

    A layered array of chocolate, blueberry bliss, brownie and ice cream

  6. Spiced Peanut Butter Molten Lava Cake

    AED 46

    Scrumptious warm chocolate lava cake with oozing creamy peanut butter, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream